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Avidyne is a well known brand among Cirrus owners and pilots, in fact it was the first manufacturer to bring a Full Glass Cockpit aboard the SRx series.

AeLo Maintenance is not only a Cirrus Platinum Partner, but also an official Avidyne Dealer, so we can offer you all the support you need for your current Avidyne avionics, but also offer you new modern solutions to introduce on your aircraft, whether Cirrus or another brand. With its "IFD series", Avidyne offers a range of products to meet all your needs. Another excellent product is the attractive DFC-90 digital autopilot, which can be easily installed on the Cirrus SRx fleet and is a truly remarkable upgrade, introducing new features and flight precision that will amaze you.

For more information on avionics modifications, please write to valerio.caroni@aelo.ch

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